Review ~ Bike Mayhem Extreme Mountain Racing! Free iOS & Android Game!

Bike Mayhem Extreme Mountain Racing! Free iOS & Android Game!

you may be interested in this free iOS & Android game released
by Best Free Games in Vancouver B.C.
Bike Mountain is a reiteration of the classic tilt & balance racing genre seen in web browsers for centuries. The graphics are nice, with clean style and attractive colors like Scarlett Johansson’s face.
The prevalent ads and forced wait between levels dramatically hurts the user experience and left me feeling ill after the first level. I don’t feel this is an appropriate free-to-play solution and should be reevaluated.
There isn’t any real value in this title so at free it is worth checking out.

Bike Mountain Scores a
2 out of 5

Press Release from
 For Immediate Release 
 Best Free Games launches Bike Mayhem Extreme Mountain Racing 
 Vancouver, B.C., February 5, 2014 – Best Free Games, a boutique Canadian game developer, takes mountain biking to a new level with its worldwide release of Bike Mayhem Extreme Mountain Racing game for iOS and Android. A side-scrolling mobile game, Bike Mayhem lets players experience downhill mountain bike racing true to the sport with downhill and freestyle events on 19 different mountains and over 100 trails inspired by authentic locations. 
With 27 years of experience between them, the two man team at Best Free Games, Dejan Cecar and Jared Fry, are excited to bring a title that they, as mountain bikers, love to play. They are eager to share the game release with the mountain biking community. 
 “We love mountain biking in all its forms and did our best to create a game that captures the essence of free ride mountain biking,” explained Cecar, co-founder of Best Free Games. “The races are challenging, the stunts are epic and the crashes are hilarious! We are very excited to announce and release our game to the public to see if they love it as much as we do.” 
 Bike Mayhem features competition in timed races and freestyle trick events. There are over 80 items of gear a user can add to style and increase performance of their bike and rider. Users can also tune their on-screen bikes for speed, agility, strength, and energy for each trail. The game encourages community play as scores can be shared and challenged with friends via a worldwide leaderboard or social media networks. 
 Already an international hit, Bike Mayhem has topped the charts in the Racing and Action game categories on iOS devices in France, Austria, and Germany. The game is a natural progression from the founders’ most successful project, Moto X Mayhem, which has had more than 30 million downloads to-date. ”We created a game that we thought fans of Moto X Mayhem would love to play,” added Cecar. 
 Players looking to download the game can find Bike Mayhem Extreme Mountain Racing in the App Store and Google Play. 
For more information, please visit and/or follow Bike Mayhem Extreme Mountain Racing on Facebook and Twitter. A special trailer video can be seen on YouTube. 

3 thoughts on “Review ~ Bike Mayhem Extreme Mountain Racing! Free iOS & Android Game!

    • just the free version, I thought it would be fairly representative of a developer named ‘Best Free Games Inc.’

      if they sent me a key for the paid version I’ll update my review with those changes.

      have you checked both? is it a major difference?

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