Strike Vector ~ Review! Easy to Play Mech Robot Flying Game


Steam: Strike Vector
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Ragequit Corporation
Publisher: Ragequit Corporation
Release Date: Jan 28, 2014

Strike Vector is such an easy game to get into. Jumping into a team deathmatch and setting up your ship with homing missles and a gattling gun is immediately accessible to anyone wanting to blow stuff up with almost no learning curve. This game captures the essence of a high-speed action robot game with none of the unnecessary complications.

Flying is super simple and just based on go-where-mouse-points progression. There’s no need to adjust throttles or boosters, and even has dedicated keys for rolling, which is super useful when trying to outrun other players dogfight style. This is one of the easiest flying systems I’ve ever played with, and definitely should not scare away weary players. Ships feel so silky and effortless to control as well, it’s so easy to flip through tiny passages at high speed when chasing or running away, its simplicity is an amazing accomplishment from a small developer.

The simple controls allow the player to focus on the game instead of the tools. At its core, Strike Vector is a fun, competitive FPS with game types I would not have expected to work in a robot/ship combat game. TDM feels amazing and works so well in this setting, and the maps are perfectly sized to allow actual use of the different weapons. Having two weapons is such a simple solution to weapon swapping seen in so many modern FPS titles and handles perfectly. The two mouse buttons control their respective arms, and flawlessly allow any player to approach every scenario with options, such as a plasma cannon for distant sniping, or the Gatling gun for high speed dogfight style chases.

Players earn XP and unlock various ship parts, but the system feels more tacked on than useful. Stat tracking is important in a game like this, but does not go deep enough to draw the player in and provide desirable goals.

Strike Vector is just a sweet little competitive FPS. There are very few flying combat games as accessible as this, and even fewer are actually fun. Strike Vector is focused on nothing but fun, and excels as an easy to play FPS with enough features and customizable factors to remain enjoyable for a substantial amount of time. This game accomplishes everything it set out to and brings joy to my salad fingers.

Strike Vector earns a
4 out of 5

– gameplay is fast, lots of action and strategy
– variety of weapon attachments, perks, unlocks
– customizable ships: paint & unlockable parts
– easy to play, not overly difficult in any sense
– maps are perfectly sized and allow a variety of approaches and uses of the different weapons, feels very well balanced
– 16 player games
– server browser fixed, quick bug fixes

– dated graphics, looks nearly like an original xbox title, poor design choices, few graphics
– low player numbers
– no friend system?

Strike Vector Review Score 4 out of 5

Strike Vector Review Score 4 out of 5

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