Insurgency ~ Let’s Play Ep 1: Vegetarian Sources of Protein MLG Push Gameplay Commentary Walkthrough

Insurgency ~ Let’s Play Ep 1


Insurgency Review


– shooting/recoil feels amazing, instantaneous, very good sound samples from bullets, bf4 quality incredible
– game looks very good as well, textures would be nicer bumped up but generally high quality
– 32 player online
– some maps are amazing, snow covered mountains and 500 yard sniper zones, tight close quarter village areas, easy to memorize and run around
– one of the better tutorials this year, plywood maze sort of thing familiar to counter strike and call of duty
– didn’t notice any lag, 50ms ping and 32 players is impressive

– an enormous number of bugs! (menu settings not saving, server browser not refreshing, incredible number of crash reports on forums, tutorial glitches)

– textures can be disgustingly poor in areas, scope zoom is plain nasty and makes it very difficult to be precise
– draw distance (fog) is very very low, can watch render distance increase while walking
– sniping is very poor quality overall, very difficult to see in scope with poor textures (filtering?) and seems to be inaccurate??

– Generally fun alternative to AAA FPS, Feels very similar to Counter Strike (Source Engine) but with fundamental changes that blend Call of Duty and Battlefield

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