Rekoil ~ Review! Invisible Player Glitch, Bugs, and General Mayhem!



– super fast gameplay!!

– more arcade style, similar to cod mw3

– small maps

– mod tools? Strongly boasts custom maps


– unbelievably buggy

– everything looks awful, very poor dated graphics even with the pile of settings maxed

– no direct mouse input, have to adjust senstivity

– very few players

– horrible spawn campers, poor spawn protection & variety

– Invisible Players! Game breaking bug in every match (one game 5/15 players invisible)

– 90% of game is spawn killing

Rekoil is tense. The game play is so fast it’s almost like counter strike, but without the level of insane difficulty. Rekoil isn’t remotely a strategic tactical shooter, but it is fun, for the most part.

A number of weapons and classes are available, even a standard RPG primary class. All weapons and classes are unlocked from the beginning with no unlock or upgrade system. Some customizability exists in the loadouts, allowing the player to choose sidearms and grenade types or even apply camo to their weapons. No attachment system is available, but the number of weapons (40!) feels adequate and definitely provides variety.

Team Deathmatch and Free for All are the most popular game types, and suits this game very well. The maps are small and keep everyone on their toes for sure. Rekoil also boasts modding tools available at launch, hoping the community will develop a multitude of popular maps.

Rekoil just looks terrible though. Everything screams PS2, the player models look anemic. The weapon detail is jokingly sad in the loadout menu, compared to Insurgency with a beautiful high res shaded tiltable model. People in the chat were not impressed with the graphics either, it’s inexcusable to release a game this bad looking with current gen hardware and tools.

It’s hard to recommend Rekoil when there are other, better FPS titles available in the same price range. I definitely feel Insurgency is a better experience, but Rekoil is a different sort of game. Insurgency is much more strategy focused, and Rekoil is very COD pedal to the potato nonstop.

Rekoil has a number of game breaking bugs at the moment which make it basically a complete waste of money. Invisible players plague every match with no fix except disconnecting and logging back in. Spawns are fixed and provide zero protection for the player, leading to insane spawn massacres and points farming. It’s impossible to say when these issues will be fixed, but the inivisible players bug renders the game essentially unplayable. People are quite unhappy right now.

With the issues currently and the poor overall design of the game,

Rekoil earns a

1 out of 5.



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