Insurgency Review! Call of Duty and Counter Strike Combined?!

Insurgency NOTES

Steam: Insurgency

Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Developer: New World Interactive
Publisher: New World Interactive
Release Date: Jan 22, 2014


– shooting/recoil feels amazing, instantaneous, very good sound samples from bullets, bf4 quality incredible

– game looks very good as well, textures would be nicer bumped up but generally high quality

– 32 player online

– some maps are amazing, snow covered mountains and 500 yard sniper zones, tight close quarter village areas, easy to memorize and run around

– one of the better tutorials this year, plywood maze sort of thing familiar to counter strike and call of duty

– didn’t notice any lag, 50ms ping and 32 players is impressive


– an enormous number of bugs! (menu settings not saving, server browser not refreshing, incredible number of crash reports on forums, tutorial glitches)

– textures can be disgustingly poor in areas, scope zoom is plain nasty and makes it very difficult to be precise

– draw distance (fog) is very very low, can watch render distance increase while walking

– sniping is very poor quality overall, very difficult to see in scope with poor textures (filtering?) and seems to be inaccurate??

– lack of game types, no Team Deathmatch

– no stat tracking, no repercussions for players logging out of matches constantly


– Generally fun alternative to AAA FPS, Feels very similar to Counter Strike (Source Engine) but with fundamental changes that blend Call of Duty and Battlefield

Insurgency feels like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Counter Strike had a baby, but dropped it a few times before it’s second birthday. Counter Strike’s rapid matches and strategy are definitely prominent, but Insurgency brings in the individual aspects of Call of Duty or Battlefield. Lightly customizable weapons and a number of squad roles keep teams balanced, and are nowhere near as restrictive as Counter Strike’s management system. Unfortunately, Insurgency only meshes together bits and pieces with a pile of cheap tape and hasn’t really captured majority of the fun.

In each game, you join a squad and assume a role such as sniper or sharpshooter, and choose an appropriate weapon. In the general Assault classes, there are a few weapons available like the classic AK-47, and a substantial number of attachments available. These attachments are all assigned an arbitrary Point value, as is all the other parts of your player’s kit. Adding more stuff quickly uses up your points. Going without a sidearm or armor is definitely a possible tactic. This is where Insurgency really gives the individual a great deal of freedom to make decisions based on the game and their play style. I think this is a fantastic and unique aspect, and really gives a different feel compared to Counter Strike where everything is locked, but is much less open than Call of Duty or Battlefield. Insurgency just strikes a middle ground but does provide enough balanced options to make things unique enough for me at least. Everything is unlocked and available immediately, there is no unlock or upgrade system at all in the game.

Insurgency lacks any sort of stat tracking at all. Players are free to enter and leave matches willy-nilly with no repercussions, at the end of games the chat spams white with logoffs. There’s no way to compare anything with friends or even set artificial goals for yourself like a generally positive win %. This is disappointing and really kicks away any social aspect of a title that really is only going to succeed based on friends getting each other to play.

There are only seven game types: Search & Destroy, Domination, Elimination, and a couple obscure options like VIP Escort or Strike where you destroy the teams weapon cache. There is no Team Deathmatch; this is a bold move.

The guns feel absolutely fantastic though. Everything feels instantaneous and has an incredible sound. Even running around on a hill being shot at sounds beautiful and really creates a stressful environment. The weapons are easily the most polished part of this game and it really shows, they are possibly the best feeling of any game to date. The Source engine is a beast for FPS titles and Insurgency really exploits its capabilities impressively.

Matches are quick and the maps are adequately sized for 32 player games. Rolling hills and snow capped mountain villages look impressive and provide exciting uses for snipers and small squad tactical movements. Unfortunately it felt difficult to gauge who was winning or where the other team was almost the entire time. The name tags are also disgustingly hard to see at quick glance and long range, and led to a number of accidental kills in the long distance fog where I have no way of knowing if the silhouette is on my team or not.

Insurgency feels fun and I want to enjoy it, but it just feels unpolished at this point. The number of bugs will eventually go down, but I had an incredibly hard to just getting into a game with connection issues. The game’s Steam forum is plagued with bug reports of mystery crashing, connection issues, and plain glitches. I couldn’t finish the Training tutorial, and there’s no button to hit apply for Brightness or Subtitles.

There is potential for this game, but it needs work. The gameplay feels pretty fantastic, but has no soul. The lack of stat tracking and number of players just logging off constantly gives me no real reason or desire to play the game seriously. There are fun moments but the reality of a work-in-progress really leaves a bad taste. If you’re a collector of obscure FPS titles or looking for something different than CS for a while, Insurgency is a cool little distraction.

Insurgency earns

3 out of 5

Insurgency Final Score

Insurgency Final Score

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