Dungeon Dashers! REVIEW: GET IN THE DUNGEON! Steam Early Access – Indie Gameplay Commentary

Dungeon Dashers
Early Access Released October 25th 2013
Genre: PUZZLE Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Developed by Jigxor
Steam Greenlight

GDC 2013 Best in Play Honorable Mention
Freeplay 2013 Visual Art Honorable Mention
Freeplay 2013 Narrative Honorable Mention
Freeplay 2013 Design Honorable Mention

Website: http://dungeondashers.com/
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/252210/

– Pros:
Fast paced
speed up button for AI turns
difficult puzzles
lotssss of loot & treasure chests
huge bunch of stuff to unlock, skills, weapons, armor, consumables
very well done pixel art
good story, dialogue is mildly humorous or can be skipped
music is very link-2-tha-past sounding

– Cons:
managing 4 people in a large room can be extremely complicated
loading screens
minor interface issues, bouncing to main screen after hitting escape
no controller support, no mouse support
no way to manage stats manually (could have the option or auto button)

About the Game
Dungeon Dashers is a fast-paced turn-based dungeon crawler, bringing the enjoyment of a tabletop board game with friends to the PC. The game’s design streamlines the core dungeon crawler experience to its essentials, for an intense, loot-grabbing adventure.

Accumulate wealth by smashing boxes full of gold, slaying monsters, and looting glowing chests. Use your gold to buy consumables to boost your abilities or craft upgrades for your equipment. Find new swords, bows, staffs, spells and other equipment hidden in chests obscured by challenges and quests.
Current Features
These are the features that are in the current build of the game so far:
Tactical and diverse combat mechanics
Epic dragon boss battle and over 15 enemy types to face (many more bosses to come, and more enemy types)
Custom loadouts for each class based on loot found in dungeons
13 unique player skills (30 skills planned)
11 levels spread out across 5 environments (40 levels planned)
More than 15 unlockable pieces of unique equipment including swords and armour (30+ pieces planned)
Level editor with user campaign creation support
Original full-length chiptune soundtrack composed by Nathan “Derris-Kharlan” Antony
Compelling narrative and character dialogue spanning the entire campaign
Planned Features
Dungeon Dashers is still in development and we’re adding new features every day. Here’s what we’ve got planned for future builds:
Hardcore mode for those who finish the game and want more of a challenge
Online co-operative gameplay for up to 4 players
Consumable items, such as potions
Weapon upgrades using the gold you’ve found from looting
Steam Trading Cards
Steam Achievements
What Others Are Saying
“They’ve nailed that feeling of moving little adventurer miniatures around on a board” -Colony Of Gamers

“Dungeon Dashers promises traps, multiple styles of play, tons of replayability, additional challenges and objectives and online multiplayer. Honestly, the whole package sounds too good to be true.”
System Requirements
OS: Windows Xp / Vista / 7 / 8
Processor: 2.8 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor or equivalent
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics or equivalent, capable of Shader Model 2
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 100 MB available space